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With DPT, Drilling and now Sonic services quickly becoming commodity type services around the nation, the need for updates and or news from companies such as ours may seem trivial, except to our immediate client base. While there is exciting stuff happening around Renegade and in the industry, we will try and keep this section updated with only truly interesting happenings here and elsewhere. Individuals who may view this section of our website range from neophytes to almost retired brainiacs in this industry, we understand that each level of expereince will have their own perspectives, interests and oh yeah, plenty of opinions. Renegade is not just a commodity service company.  

Top Headlines

  • Renegade adds a 7822DT Geoprobe Rig - (2011)
  • Renegade has moved to a new facility in Astatula Florida.
    (December 2011)
  • Renegade remains top provider for Badger injection technology (KAPSDIDS)! (2010)
    3.8 Million Gallons Delivered - In-Situ
    While Badger Injection Solutions continues to unveil its technology across the US, Renegade remains the top producer with the utilization of the technology.
  • Renegade to test new Badger CUB-Exp unit. (2009)
    Renegade to test and report for new Badger injection system. This system is a bolt-on attachment to most Geoprobe DPT SAE equipment. Renegade will test on its 6620DT Track unit and will be providing services for SeaBreeze Technologies from Fishers, Indiana. The project will consist of a separate ISCO and eRD application in Indiana. 
  • Renegade develops beyond a DPT assessment company (2008)
    Transitional Development
    Renegade moves towards a proprietary development project for remedial in-situ injection delivery vehicle. It has now found a place beyond its initial assessment marketability.
  • Renegade adds Geoprobe 6625CPT SAE Rig to its arsenal  (2007)
    Renegade adds a 6625CPT unit to its fleet to increase assessment based market share. This units expands Renegade into the MIP/CPT support services arena.