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Frequently Asked Questions

The more the industry tries to change the more it stays the same, sort of. It's only when there is a true change or advancement that some folks get tied in a knot. For the past 20+ years, it appears the environmental subcontracting base in the industry has had to provide a lot of answers from the Engineering segment of the industry. If anyone has a question they would like posted here, please send all questions to me at I will try my best to offer opinions or answers from my perspective in an to a industry that has really been good to me over the years.

Q: You say you have affiliates that are deemed competitors in certain areas, how or what do all of you totally agree on?
A: Good question, the only thing you will get any drillers to agree on, "if you're going to drill deeper, the bit or auger must turn to the right". Interestingly enough, with most of us being NASCAR fans, they always turn to the left! - I am sure I just started another argument.

Q: Does Renegade have a Sonic drilling program?
A: Short answer: No - however, Sonic programs IMHO are heading the way of DPT...they are quickly becoming commoditized and in the very near future may become very geographic in nature. We have long established relationships with Sonic vendors and have worked with them and the clients to provide truly what the site needs, even if it meant we were not available to the project.

Q: Will Renegade ever seek to have a Sonic program?
A: Short answer: No - but you know what it is to never say never. Seems like a lot of money to invest under current market conditions, besides, there are some pretty good Sonic companies out there already!

Q: When seeking out a DPT/Drilling contractor for a project, what should I look out for?
A: The question should be what you should look for! - First of all, make sure the DPT/Drilling company is in sound financial shape, can provide the insurance requirements necessary and has a decent EMR. Look for a Licensed Driller, this is usually a State certification and check the references of a company you are interested in hiring. If you feel you have to "look out" for something, I would have to say, the "snake oil salesman" or the "pixie dust sprinkler", sometimes promises are hard to keep! 

Q: Why do you not have more pictures on this website?
A: Well, I can if you want, however, more pictures means slower load times to get to the information. I will work on posting more pictures in the photo gallery!


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