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Renegade Environmental

Renegade Environmental Services, LLC in Apopka, Florida, is a full service Direct Push Technology (DPT) and subcontract drilling firm providing a full range of services with our combination rigs.  At first glance it is easy to lump us in with every other DPT and drilling company in the country but the fact is every company has its distinguishing characteristics, either good or not so good.  What separates us is

1.       Our culture of utilizing cutting edge technology, insistence on quality, and an attitude that fosters innovation in what is often a cookie cutter market

2.      Our depth of experience, top to bottom within our industry.  We don’t do everything, but we do everything well that we offer and are resourceful when it comes to new challenges

3.      We are financially stable and our equipment is top notch

4.      Our highly valued relationships within the environmental industry with both clients and other service providers to bring you what you need, not just what we have in-house.

Biscuits & Gravy

What?  Biscuits & Gravy? Most of our projects are of the “biscuit” variety though a little “gravy” would be nice from time to time.  This is because of our reputation for providing services with our equipment that is a bit beyond the capabilities of others using equipment similar (or exactly like) ours.  Resourcefulness-getting more done with less-is what we thrive on and our customers will confirm that commitment,  particularly in the office, where the bidding, planning and project execution are developed. We are “people” persons and we thrive on communication.  We do not leave questions unanswered, plans incomplete, or clients nervous about what is going on.  We interact with our clients in a true team arrangement to prepare for and execute all projects regardless of size or complexity.  Your project is as important to us as it is to you! 

Working with Renegade

Working with us is easy. We have a long history and extensive experience in Florida programs as well as with Federal contractors at various agencies. You can contact us either by email or phone and you might, on rare occasions, get our voicemail, but you can be certain we will be back in touch. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your project needs and how they can be met by Renegade and the resources available to us within our affiliate network.  Having been around in this industry for over twenty years, we have forged relationships up and down our chain that we bring to the table to give you options you may not have even considered or been aware of.  That’s experience!

Quick Updates with Renegade

  • Renegade is a Certified Badger Technology Provider
  • Renegade has remedial injection mixing systems available
  • Renegade has 3 Geoprobe units available with additional units, if needed, through our affiliates.

Please check the “News” section of this website periodically for updates in services and equipment availabilities. 





Renegade SAE Geoprobe Equipment
(2) 6620DT HD Track Units
(1) 7822 DPT Track Unit

All SAE equipment is outfitted with hydraulic liner extruders and rotary heads.


Renegade Support Equipment
(3) F-350 Super Duty Vehicles
(1) F-250 Super Duty Vehicle
(1) Freightliner 25' Box/Lift Gate
(3) 12K Dual Axle Pull Trailers
(1) 12K, 25' Enclosed Cargo Trailer
(1) 20K - 30' Gooseneck Trailer
(1) 20K - 35' Hydraulic Lift Trailer
(1) 14K - 16' Trailer
(6) MBRF Powered Mobile Stations
Steam Cleaners
Centrifugal Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps

All Equipment is on a regular maintenance schedule.


Renegade Tooling
SP-15 Water Sampling Systems
MC-5 Macrocore Systems
Electrical Conductivity System
Down Hole Camera & Video System
Both Hollow & Solid Stems Augers